The benefits of being a customer-centric business are undeniable. Whether it’s the fact that customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable, or that customers are greater than 5 times more likely to do repeat business with customer-centric companies, it’s clear that customer focus is good for both your reputation and your bottom line.

So you think you’re ready to transform your organization into a customer-centric powerhouse? Here are the five things you’ll need:

Your Customer-Centric Checklist: 

checkboxOptimized CRM

Using data to inform decisions is at the center of the customer-centricity movement. Before you can truly become customer centric, be sure that you have an optimized CRM in place to allow you to track customer interactions and trends.

checkboxAssigned Customer Success Managers

Customers have come to expect personalized support - and they deserve it. Do you have a customer success team in place? Does each customer have a support manager that will guide and stick by them throughout the entire customer journey?

checkboxSubject Matter Expertise

Your customer has turned to you for one reason: You’re the expert. Make sure you act like it! What are common questions or best practice inquiries from your customers? Be proactive in answering them. Supply your customer with training materials, tip sheets and guides from the get-go. Don’t wait for them to ask.

checkboxSelf-Help Hub

In the age of constant connectivity, the line between office hours vs. personal time is becoming increasingly blurred. What if a customer has an issue on a Saturday afternoon? Is it fair to expect them to wait until Monday morning for help? Offer a self-help hub, where common topics related to your offering are readily available for your customers to research.

checkboxFrequent Pulse Checks

Don’t let a small customer issue or misunderstanding escalate into a disaster. Develop a system for frequent pulse checks - the simpler the better. We found that a weekly automated text asking to rate our work on a scale from 1-10 works best. Again, it’s all about being proactive.

There’s no question that being customer centric makes good business sense - especially considering that it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. Use this checklist to get started today.

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