You convinced your team to invest in Salesforce, managed a complex implementation and successfully trained everyone on the new technology. Your organization should be ready to start leveraging the world’s most powerful CRM now, right?

Unfortunately, in many cases user adoption is the most difficult aspect of a new CRM implementation. If you’re struggling with adoption issues at your organization, check out the following six recommendations on tackling Salesforce adoption challenges.

Tips for Stronger Salesforce Adoption

1. “We put a comprehensive plan together that ensured that all stakeholders were made aware of the change and how Salesforce could positively impact individual roles.” - Celia Bass, Education Architect, Salesforce (Source: Salesforce)

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be shocked by how often management teams fail to put together an education and messaging plan specifically for CRM end users. Often, the key to success is simply educating users on how the tool will actually help them to succeed in their own roles.

2. “At launch, early adopters and champions were celebrated...” - Kathy Brown, Delivery Manager, ACF Solutions (Source: Salesforce)

Especially early on, take time to offer recognition and publicly celebrate early adopters. Once your more hesitant team members see their peers achieving some wins with Salesforce, they'll be more likely to start adopting it. 

3. “When you require the minimal amount of information, users can save the record with the initial information and add more as they start to know more.” - Stefanie Spanfeller, Programmatic Account Manager, BounceX (Source: LinkedIn)

Especially initially, keep things simple. If you require too much information before saving a record, users may get frustrated and give up. Make Salesforce asks as frictionless as possible by only requiring data input that is truly vital.

4. “Enabling your reps to work with Salesforce on mobile will allow them to be connected [for] more time and on a device of their choosing.” - Lurniture Blog Team (Source: Lurniture)

If you haven’t configured the Salesforce1 app for your team, please stop reading this blog and go do it right now! Making sure Salesforce is where your end users are will not only encourage adoption, but enable it.

5. “Running a business in the cloud offers a tremendous value proposition. But there is still a risk of data being trapped in cloud silos. Integration is the key.” - Allen Brady, Marketing Web Developer, Cirrus Insight (Source: Cirrus Insight)

Take advantage of Salesforce’s ease of integration. For adoption that sticks, ensure that every piece of technology your team uses ties back to Salesforce, and set up the CRM as your single source of truth for customer data.

6. “Find out what sales reps need from Salesforce ... then configure a specific user interface for them that excludes anything irrelevant and distracting.” - Aaron Ross, Author, “Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of” (Source: LevelEleven)

Salesforce’s flexibility probably influenced your decision to purchase the CRM, so take advantage of it. You have the chance to customize the technology to each role in your specific company, setting up the stage for solid Salesforce adoption.

Looking for other ways to boost Salesforce adoption? Watch our on-demand webinar:

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