Friends in the Torrent Community —

We wanted to let you know that next Friday (September 14th), all of our offices will be closed. That means you won’t be able to reach us about a current or future project.


It’s not because we don’t want to spend the day with you (promise).

It’s because it’s time for us to gather. For the first time in two years, all five of our hubs will come together for an event full of learning, alignment and connection — an event we call TorrentFest (Awesome Fest was already taken, unfortunately). Our company has grown a great deal since the last time we held TorrentFest, and that means that for many of us, this will be the first chance to meet face to face. And, yes, we love our Zoom calls, but there’s definitely no substitute for being in the same room together.

Here at Torrent, our people are our strategy, and this event is one of the ways that we invest in them. From Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon, we’ll participate in activities and events meant to help us grow both professionally and personally, and to achieve even stronger alignment across the company. We’ll keep our morale high and, at the same time, strengthen our foundation.

And that means we’ll come back to work the following Monday feeling more ready than ever to help you build something greater. We’ll be gone for one business day, but we’re confident that the results will be more than worth it — for all of us. 

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