Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) natively offers impact-driven orgs the ability to track contacts, relationships and donations in ways that many other CRMs can’t. However, nonprofit leaders can’t expect that one tool alone will give them all the functionality they need. After all, the nonprofit ecosystem contains many solutions designed to reach potential donors and partners all across the web.

And therein lies the beauty of working with an industry-leading CRM with a specialized nonprofit solution. Many of the most popular tools for fundraising and event management offer pre-built integrations with the Nonprofit Success Pack. Below, we’ve listed our favorite Salesforce integrations and add-ons for nonprofits, which allow you to quickly combine the functionality of your favorite tools into a single cloud-based network containing the data of your entire donor and partner base.

Salesforce integrations with fundraising solutions.

Multiple donation management solutions integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. Our favorites are Crowdrise (part of the GoFundMe platform), Classy and QGiv. Each of the three offers a pre-built integration with Salesforce, which provides a 360-degree view of donor engagement, campaign performance and received donations. All of these solutions include integrated event management capabilities as well.

And if your organization is just using Stripe to collect donations instead of one of the tools above, don’t fear. Payment360 by Blackthorn allows you accept Stripe payments directly in Salesforce. Best of all, it’s free for most use cases (they charge only for specific add-on functionality).

How to Handle Your Next Salesforce Integration Like an Expert

In short, whether running a massive online fundraising campaign or a smaller local effort, there’s an easy way to track your donations in Salesforce.

Salesforce integrations with event management tools.

Although many solutions pair donation capabilities with event management tools (like the three platforms above), many nonprofits still opt to use different products for the two functions. Many organizations use Eventbrite, for example, alongside their fundraising solution due to its robust tracking, promotion and ticketing platform. Eventbrite also provides an out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce, letting you quickly turn event attendees into new contacts and leads.

If your team currently lacks an event management platform, then the answer might not be an integration at all! Fonteva offers an event management platform built natively on Salesforce. While a less common solution than Crowdrise, it allows nonprofits to avoid a more complicated multi-platform architecture.

Salesforce integrations with charity auction apps.

OneCause, meanwhile, offers a novel solution for auction management. In fact, the company initially focused just on this product but has since incorporated it into a more comprehensive suite of fundraising tools including online and peer-to-peer giving, as well as event management. You can find its pre-built Salesforce connector on the AppExchange. Although the low number of reviews is a reason for concern, OneCause’s unique solution offers it an obvious use case for many nonprofits.

Bonus: Volunteer management in Salesforce.

This section is a bit of a curveball. As it turns out, the best solution for storing volunteer data on Salesforce isn’t an integration, but a native Salesforce add-on. It makes sense right? Salesforce is designed to track contacts, related activities and more. So in most cases, it’s easier to store your volunteer data directly on the platform instead of integrating with a second system you likely don’t need.

And these days, eligible orgs signing up for the Nonprofit Success Pack also receive Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S), which allows you to track volunteers, their skills, unfilled jobs and more in Salesforce. If you already have Salesforce but not V4S, you can also download it yourself on the AppExchange.

With the right integrations and add-ons, the NPSP becomes a nonprofit’s dream — the hub of its campaigns, events and volunteer efforts. An integrated system allows any org to capture the entire breadth and history of its donor and partner engagement efforts, providing actionable insights on how to best drive its mission forward.

What tools have made the most significant impact on your organization? Are any not on this list? Comment below!

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